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MiNiMALiST Model

MiNiMALiST Model

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FREE SHiPPiNG!                        (CONTINENTAL U.S. ONLY)

The REVOLUTiONARY MiNiMALiST model YOGiBOARD is the MOST portable & VERSAiTILE wellness board on the market! 

*Disclaimer* You don't have to be a card carrying YOGi to use this board, anyone can use this versatile stable surface for any other movement exercise to maximize performance.  ex. (push-ups, abdominal exercises, foam rolling etc.)

Everyone needs help with balance and stability.

YOGiBOARD is for everyone!

All YOGiBOARDs are designed by the founder, & cut by machine for precision, then assembled/inspected/packed/shipped by the founder for perfection.

Enjoy a solid and grounded yoga studio feeling on your carpet/rug or almost anywhere in nature! BTW it's foldable, portable, and doubles as an ergonomic chair too! Achieve balance faster & get better alignment in all poses with the added stability of YOGiBOARD! Use your own yoga mat, yoga rug, yogi toes or just practice directly on the wood surface! ....(btw with socks and no mat is super fun!)

To achieve the perfect finish every board undergoes a meticulous 5-stage sanding and weather-sealing process that leaves the premium birchwood smooth as silk & water-resistant!

Your YOGiBOARD will never warp or break if it is taken care of properly!

*Patent Pending


23.5" x 71" Standard yoga mat size &  0.5" inch thick

 Add 3m Hard Rubber Grip Tape for only $22

Use grip facing down for slippy surfaces, face up for slippy mats!

 Although pictured they are NOT INCLUDED unless upgraded

 Benefits of Grip STRiPS: Keeps YOGiBOARD from slipping on slick or uneven carpets, grass areas, decks etc. during fast paced vinyasas, hand balancing hops, or any other dynamic movement practice you may want to use the YOGiBOARD for.

  • Keeps your YOGiBOARD in chair mode better on slick concrete or tile surfaces.
  • Keeps your YOGiBOARD from getting scratched by concrete or rocks more than w/o
  • It looks cool!!


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Does having a YOGiBOARD really make that much of a difference in your yoga practice?

YES! Especially if you normally practice on carpet or some other unstable surface that's hard to get stability and balance on.

Is the YOGiBOARD really comfortable as a chair?

Yes indeed! Especially if you get the OG or NiRVANA Model that comes with a premium yoga mat attached to the suraface! Every single person that sits on the YOGiBOARD is surprised how comfortable it is as a chair!

I don't know anything about music or sound healing...Why would I get a ViBRA-Sound NiRVANA Model?

Because!...You definitely have the potential to learn and integrate that knowledge, so don't box yourself out! I (founder Scott Conrad) am 37 and I started learning about music & sound when I was 26, and now I am climbing the knowledge ladder faster and higher than I would've ever thought!'s never too late!