Get the Yoga Studio Feeling Anywhere w/ YOGiBOARD

The World's Most Versatile

Yoga Board

avail. w/ WiRELESS LENOVO® 360° ViBRA-Sound tech.

Use YOGiBOARD to achieve ULTiMATE BALANCE on carpet or anywhere in nature that you need more stability.

Yoga means UNiTY, so to be truly centered you must UPGRADE & balance your BODY, MiND, and SPiRiT.

Practice any style of yoga or enhance any other wellness/movement need with YOGiBOARD.

Don't Let Squishy Carpet or an Uneven Surface Ruin Your Flow!

Get deeper into your breath and all of your yoga poses on any surface with the added stabilty of YOGiBOARD. Bring that yoga studio feeling to your home, follow along w/ videos, or take it anywhere in nature!


After 4 years of prototyping, adding/tweaking features, sourcing materials, successful crowdfunding, and making all units by hand start to finish...

TO NOW ...factory cut, but still hand-finished. perfected YOGiBOARDs!

Here at YOGiBOARD we use the highest-grade Baltic Birchwood to create the ultimate quality product! Baltic Birch is the most expensive wood, but it's the only type that doesn't warp and has an amazing strength to weight ratio!

After we get the precision cut panels from the factory we still put tons of hand-made LOVE into each YOGiBOARD! Still every yoga mat & CNC cut/finished birchwood panel is either hand-cut, epoxied, assembled, inspected, and and/or thoughtfully shipped out by the founder Scott Conrad at his shop in San Diego, CA

ViBRA-Sound NiRVANA Model


Calm yourself for meditation with healing frequencies, do vibrating yoga, ascend to new heights utilizing FREQUENCY-iNFUSED breathwork, or just add music to your FLOW w/ the extremely versatile ViBRA-Sound NiRVANA model!

The NiRVANA model is the 1st Portable & WiRELESS Vibrational Sound Healing Unit on the Market!

Yes! heard that right! The NiRVANA ViBRA-Sound model YOGiBOARD is the 1st PORTABLE & WiRELESS sound healing unit on the market... and believe it or not it's also the most affordable!

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"When I was making the first prototype of the YOGiBOARD I wanted it to fold up, but I had no idea it was going to be an EPiC CHAiR as well until I finsished! YOGiBOARD is the only yoga board on the market that doubles as a chair, has the option for an attached yoga mat, and ViBRA- Sound Healing Capabilities! You have to try it to feel how truly comfortable it is, it just makes sense when you sit down for the first time!"

Use for Everything!


-beach or park chair

-seated breathwork

-laptop chair

-coffee table chair

-standing desk (when folded up)