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Yuj- is a Sanskrit root word which means “to connect,” “to unite,” “to add” or “to join." It is the origin of the word, yoga,

You asked for and it's here! The multi-talented extension board for the YOGiBOARD... the YUjBOARD! So many uses! Unite with any YOGiBOARD model, or just enjoy by itself.

- extension for YOGiBOARD to accommodate any pose

- double-sided handstand board for anywhere (wood/yoga mat)

-lap desk for writing, lap top, keyboard etc.

- Eating surface for in home or camping!

- and so many more!


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Does having a YOGiBOARD really make that much of a difference in your yoga practice?

YES! Especially if you normally practice on carpet or some other unstable surface that's hard to get stability and balance on.

Is the YOGiBOARD really comfortable as a chair?

Yes indeed! Especially if you get the OG or NiRVANA Model that comes with a premium yoga mat attached to the suraface! Every single person that sits on the YOGiBOARD is surprised how comfortable it is as a chair!

I don't know anything about music or sound healing...Why would I get a ViBRA-Sound NiRVANA Model?

Because!...You definitely have the potential to learn and integrate that knowledge, so don't box yourself out! I (founder Scott Conrad) am 37 and I started learning about music & sound when I was 26, and now I am climbing the knowledge ladder faster and higher than I would've ever thought!'s never too late!